Game Name: Animalacious
Designer: Ross Flemons
Publisher: ACIOUSgames
Players: 4-9
Playing time: 45 minutes
Suitable for: Families (ages 8 and up), Adults
We shortlisted it because: This is a fun new party game of deduction. Players don a neck or head band that shows their “inner animal” – perhaps a lion, kangaroo, or slug! Turns involve reading aloud a question card and then voting on it. Questions range from serious to silly, and everything in between: “Which player is most likely to end up in a can?” or “Which player would best be able to catch a tennis ball?”. Every player votes on whose inner animal is the best answer to the question – if you vote with the majority you score a point. Points won’t win you the game: to do that you need to correctly deduce the animal on your head; but the points can help because at certain scores you may ask the other players to cross out some of the 120 animals listed on your ‘tick sheet’. This game combines the fun of trivia and deduction, with trying to get into other players heads to predict “Which player would you most like to eat?”.

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Boardgames Australia


I met my partner at a suburban BBQ. A typical story really. Except on that starry night we all played a board game. Wow, what a lot of fun we had. I hadn’t played board games with my friends for years. The game was called Animalacious. If you’d like to bring the family together, or a group of friends, or as we did, a group of new friends, this game is a little ripper!

Karen F, NSW

Imagine this…10 people in one house ranging in age from 7 to 55. One of the group was meeting most of them for the first time. What could we do that we would all enjoy? How about we play a game suggests the little one. A subtle eye roll from the adults and the teens look a little bored with the idea but we go ahead anyway. We play a new game called Animalacious, its the game of secret animals and its big fun. It’s smart enough for the adults and fun enough for the young ones, and the teens dont stand a chance to resist, they were having fun despite themselves. One of the most enjoyable, laugh out loud evenings I’ve had for ages.

Keith T, NSW

We loved the way that we could play this game as a family. It was easy to follow and we found ourselves in giggles repeatedly. A very clever and creative game for all ages and recommend for under the Christmas tree this year!

Melissa S, NSW

I have played Animalacious several times and had really good fun with it. It’s actually really good for big kids as well as the little people as there’s enough complexity in it to keep everyone interested. Would recommend as gift for friends and family.

Julietta F, NSW

We had a lot of fun playing Animalacious. The race to be the first to discover which animal you are keeps your brain ticking all the time (the hints you get from the questions and answers are sometimes subtle). Some questions are really funny, others bring up interesting facts about the animal kingdom. Animalacious also allows for silliness and laughter and is a great game to play with family and friends. I must admit I was a little embarrassed about my complete cluelessness, so I was relieved to find out that it wasn’t all that easy for others too. Best to put your detective hat on when playing this game! In the end we had a winner and everybody else came close to guessing which animal they were – well, everybody except for me. Who figures they are a flying squirrel? A very enjoyable game.

Gerrit VK, NSW

I thought I knew a thing or two about the animal kingdom until Animalacious taught me there were some pretty bizarre ways one could think about it. I enjoyed that left field thinking a lot. Excellent game!

Rick B, NSW

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