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The Game of Secret Animals

Recommended age:
Ages 8+


Number of players:
4 - 9 players


In Animalacious everyone is an animal. The object of the game is to guess which animal you are.

If you woke up one day as a different animal and there were no mirrors how would you figure out which animal you are?

Well, you would use cunning and craftiness and you would observe those around you, and of course you’d use your animal instincts.

As the game progresses, all players receive clues at every turn, but rarely are they straight forward clues. How you interpret the clues and watch the reactions of other animals determines your chances of winning. Clever is rewarded, and a little bit of luck helps too.

Animalacious is wonderfully simple…until you realise there is more to this than meets the eye, and then it gets wonderfully intriguing. That’s when the fun begins.

There’ll be sideways glances, laughter, looks of confusion and moments of self congratulation.

Animalacious brings everyone together and gets everyone involved. Up to 9 people can play, and they are all involved at every moment. It’s a game for families, groups of adults, and groups of children. In fact, the demographics in any one game alter how one approaches the game.

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