About Us

Acious Games is based in Sydney Australia. Chief inventor and bottle washer is Ross Flemons. Also known as Flemo or Custard. You don’t invent a game in isolation. Most important are your inner circle of bouncer-offerers who give you feedback, ideas and improvements…and play the game…a lot!

If I try to thank everyone who has helped I’m sure to miss some out, but what the heck, let’s give it a go, see below.

Ask any independent games designer who has bought a game to market, ‘how long has this taken you’ and they will probably say – YEARS! Animalacious is no different. Here are the typical stages of development for a Game:

  1. Eureka moment. This is when the light bulb suddenly shines brightly above your head.

  2. Construct a basic prototype and play with family and friends

  3. Ignore their praise and enthusiasm and insistence that you make it into a product – after all they are your friends, of course they’re going to be biased toward your idea.

  4. Keep on ignoring it, but it is getting repetitive.

  5. Say ‘ oh alright’ I’ll make a better looking set and give it to strangers with some market research forms.

  6. Get excited when you see what is written. Scores of 8’s 9’s and 10’s

  7. Refine, improve, design, test play a lot

  8. Source designers, manufacturers, warehouse facilities, distribution

  9. Pay all these people.

  10. Receive your very first production set, open it up and be amazed and proud.

  11. Oh, did I forget to mention marketing?…perhaps the most important of all!

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